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We offer a variety of Fitness programs for Kids and Adults designed to help you get in shape, increase strength and self-confidence and aid athletic development.  Our programs are a great opportunity for parents who want the best for their family!  At Rebello Martial Arts & Fitness, your child gets lots of encouragement and training for leading a disciplined, active lifestyle in a safe and caring environment.

Jane Doe, author of this site

Rebello Martial Arts & Fitness is not just a gym, it is a family. From the first class I took, the staff and other members brought me into their family. It made me want to go to the classes as much as I possibly could. I not only had the best workouts of my life, but I actually enjoyed being active for the first time in my life. I learned skills that I ever thought possible in BJJ, Muay Thai, Judo and Capoiera. My body began to change right before my eyes and before I knew it, I was in the best shape of my life and surrounded by incredible friends, many of whom I consider family now. I recently moved to Tallahassee and aside from my mom, dad and brother - Rebello Martial Arts & Fitness is what I miss the MOST! There is no other gym like this and no other instructor like Rafael Rebello. His team is incredibly talented and there is no class that isn't worth taking. I cant say enough about how this place has impacted my life and changed it for the better. Thank you to everyone at the gym!!



Rebello Martial Arts & Fitness 

1000 E Hillsboro Blvd #Suite 106

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441